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Rabu, 7 Mei 2014

Liebster Award Nomination

1st of all i'm really appreciated to my dear nadia for tagged me in this liebster award nomination. most of the bloggers didn't know about this award same goes to me. the result  from my observation is this liebster award nomination currently given to newbie!for more information please click here

follow this easy rules if you have been nominated

1) Mention the blogger who nominated you with a link to their blog. 
2) Answer the 11 questions asked
3) Nominate 11 other bloggers with a smaller following but have lots of potential.
4) Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer.
5) Notify your nominate.

nadia asked me to answer her questions

so,here the answer of your questions

1) What is you aiming for your life?
 to be a good daughter,a faithful muslimah
2) What did you do to spent your time?
I'm always spent my time with reading,baking,and cooking 
3) What is your nickname?
my family call me alo
my friends call me shida
4) If you have RM 1 million of money with you, what did you buy with that money?
I might want to bring my family do Hajj / Umrah
5) What genre of film and drama that you like to watch?
i really enjoy watching romantic comedy film/drama
6) If you are the one of Korean drama lovers, what drama did you like to watch? (mentang-mentang la aku minat drama korea, haha.. Master’s Sun is the best.. daebak!! )
yes I'm Kdrama lovers!really loves emergency couple,you're beautiful,big and others!actually i loves all the kdrama's
7) What is the embarassing moment that you had been through?
 the situation when people's say I'm fat
8) List 3 things that you hate the most..
1) frog
2) people who pretend to be good
3) dishonest person/played dirty
9) List 3 things that you like the most..
1) my family
2) my laptop
3) my bff
10) If you want to travel to oversea, which country would you like to go?
of course korea!
11) What is your future plan?? (hehe, kalau aku nak belajar sampai phD then kahwin, haha.. hope boleh, kalau macam tu andartu la aku nak tggu phD baru nak kahwin..)
i want to get a job or doing master maybe..

so here the 11 potential bloggers

the questions are :
  1. describe yourself
  2. what the most important thing to you??
  3. what's your favorite food and drink??
  4. what's your target in blogging??
  5.  what's your future plan??
  6. do you love pet??state your favorite pet.
  7. what's your hobby??
  8. who's your role model in this blogging world??
  9. who are you in 10 years later??
  10. how do you get involved in this blogging world?
  11. where you always hanging out with your family/friends??
p/s really sorry for my broken English!


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  1. hehe.. daebak! thanks kak sebab jawab soalan saya..


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